News 01.08.2020

  • 8-19-2020


"Mkhitar Gosh" Armenian-Russian International University in 2019 Received  membership in the AMEE International Association for Medical Education


The cooperation of “Mkhitar Gosh” Armenian-Russian International University with the International Association of Medical Education (AMEE) creates a unique platform for all those who are interested in personal and professional growth.

The aim of the AMEE Center in Russia is to establish professional cooperation of medical universities abroad (Armenia, India, Europe), which effectively combine the best traditions of domestic education in the latest international practice.

This is a reputable organization that deals with the improvement of the quality of medical education, supports the quality management of universities, the introduction of new technologies and etc. How he assists medical professors in developing their professional qualities.

AMEE establishes links with higher and secondary  medical educational institutions in Armenia and abroad and with other state bodies. Provides access to information resources in the field of medical education.

AMEE helps to organize courses dedicated to medical education at our university, to improve the legal status of lecturers. Assists in holding conferences in the field of local medical education. Supports research in the field of medical education.

AMEE provides  training courses in medical educational field in order to improve basic skills

The aim of that course is:

Make the participants understand the basic principles of evidence-based medical education and transform this understanding into everyday professional activities.

Course problems:  Provide each student:

- Extensive information on theory, practice and current issues in the field of medical education;

- Necessary terminology and base that will contribute to professional development,

- Technical skills required to perform the various roles of lecturer and practical approaches, such as information provider, educator, education quality assessor, educational program and curriculum developer;

- Guidelines for the application, teaching, learning, assessment approaches to the educational program approaches described in the course, as well as aspects of individual pedagogical responsibilities.

- Opportunity to critically evaluate the teacher's position and their daily practical activities with the aim of applying alternative and evidence-based approaches.


Congratulations to the staff of “Mkhitar Gosh” Armenian-Russian International University on this wonderful event.