1.         BACHELOR



  • Admission of applicants in the current system is carried out by the relevant decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (§Admission procedure for state and non-state higher education institutions of the Republic of Armenia¦:
  • §Consolation Gosh¦: Armenian:-Russian: international The current teaching capacity of the university (MGU) is 4 years (240 credits).
  • Graduates with secondary, secondary professional education, dual citizens of the Republic of Armenia, foreigners can be admitted to the MGU without age restrictions.
  • Admission to the current system of the first year of the MGU bachelor's program is carried out by the Assessment and Testing Center in the joint examination center.
  • Applicants must apply online for admission (see below).
  • Online applications are submitted to the undergraduate admissions committee for a detailed study, after which the relevant committee member contacts the applicant to schedule a meeting date.
  • Applicants apply for admissions in any sequence of their choice in the admission application, according to the free-paid systems.
  • In case of unsatisfactory grade, the applicant is deprived of the right to participate in the competition; he / she can apply for the distance learning system exams of the university.

The educational complex has full conditions for study and rest

  • with the latest literature and electronic library-reading room, computer room
  • Linguistic office, foreign language center
  • Dental and pharmaceutical cabinets
  • Basic dental clinics
  • gym, swimming pool
  • dormitory, meeting room
  • buffet-dining room


The university provides education according to the following educational programs and specialties

I.    Undergraduate educational program

A. Faculty of Economics





-      Hotel business and Tourism management

-      Information technology management

-      Human resource management

-      State and municipal government

-      Business start-up and management

-      International Trade Management

-      Marketing:




-      Accounting

-      Taxes and turnover

-      Credit case

-      Customs case

-      Insurance Business

-      Accounting control

-      Financial management




-      In the financial-economic-banking sphere

-      In the field of management and entrepreneurship

-      In the field of software

-      In the field of tourism




(regular, distance)


-      Constitutional Right

-      International right

-      Civil Rights

-      Criminal law

-      Financial-banking law




§Foreign language and literature¦ (regular, distance)

 ( English:, French:, German)


-      Pedagogy

-      Translation:

-      Journalism

-      Diplomacy

-      Public relations




§Pedagogy and Methodology¦:


-      Preschool and elementary education pedagogy and methodology


The duration of study in all specialties in the bachelor's program is 4 years, the distance learning is 5 years.

The annual tuition fee is 200,000 AMD


Required documents:

Applicants apply for admission (for all specialties)


   Certificate of Secondary Education (Diploma of Secondary Vocational Education, Diploma of Higher Education)

   Copy of passport

   6 photos 3:X:4:

   Receipt of document acceptance fee


2.             MASTER'S DEGREE




  • State law
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law
  • International and European law



  • E-business management
  • Project management
  • Hospitality management



English language and literature



The training period is 2 years, the training period is regular. Classes at the Master's program are organized from 2 pm, giving students the opportunity to work during their studies.

The Master's program is open to persons accredited by RA state-non-state accredited, as well as persons with bachelor's degree, diploma specialist or master's degree in foreign higher education institutions. to obtain a master's degree.

Application procedure:

1.      Tuition at the University Master's program is organized on a paid basis.

2.      Applicants who have chosen a new specialty take an entrance exam (oral) with the bachelor's final examination program of the chosen specialty.

3.      The selection of the Master's program is made by competition, in case of a positive conclusion of the competition commission.

Required documents:

  • application
  • Application on behalf of the MGU Rector
  • The originals and copies of the diploma of higher education and its appendix
  • 6 photos 3:X:4 sizes
  • Passport copy
  • Receipt of document acceptance fee






H. 00.02 - Economics of the economy and its branches management

L. 00. 02- Public Law - Constitutional, Administrative, Financial, Municipal, Environmental, European Law, Public Administration

M. 00.02 - Theory of pedagogy and history

The topics of dissertations are approved at the university in the mentioned specialties, qualification-professional exams are organized, preliminary defense of dissertations is carried out in the relevant chairs.





4.               DISTANT LEARNING


“Mkhitar Gosh” is one of the goals of the Armenian-Russian International University for distance learning­Improve learning through the introduction of the latest educational technologies­to promote a systematic knowledge of people who work, have health, live in the provinces, or have limited access to higher education for other reasons. Teachers use blended methods to increase the effectiveness of distance education.

Modern distance learning tools such as e-textbooks and manuals, computer programs, etc. are used in addition to traditional information resources to support the distance learning process. All teaching materials are uploaded by lecturers in the MOODLE virtual classroom. By entering the MGU virtual system, the student receives materials and all the information about his / her education.

Tuition in the distance learning system is 5 years, "240 credits are distributed among 10 semesters". The educational process is organized in 2 semesters, each lasting 4 weeks. The subjects in the distance learning curricula correspond to the subjects of the existing bachelor's curriculum with the same modules and credits, except for the subject of physical education. According to the curriculum, the student studying in the distance learning system submits individual (with the teacher's advice) and independent work.

With distance learning, MGU organizes admission to the bachelor's degree program in the following specialties:

  • · Management / by sectors /
  • · Jurisprudence

Applicants for remote system admission submit:


Required documents:

  • · application
  • · Application on behalf of the MGU Rector
  • · 6 photos 3:X:4 sizes
  • · Copy of passport
  • · Receipt of document acceptance fee




  • The accommodation of foreign citizens is carried out approved by the relevant decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “RA higher education institutions for admission of foreign citizens” according to:
  • According to this procedure, the applicants' documents are accepted by the RA Ministry of Education and Science.
  • The MGU has a Preparatory Course for Foreign Citizens, which can accommodate foreigners whose level of education corresponds to the RA secondary school curriculum, including those who do not speak Armenian well enough.
  • The preparatory section teaches the language of instruction, the basics of professional subjects, which are a prerequisite for passing the entrance exams for the given specialty.
  • The final exams of the preparatory department are entrance exams for the first year of the academic year.

Required documents:

1.    Application on behalf of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia (provided by the Ministry),

2.    Medical certificate on general health condition

3.    All pages of passport or birth certificate and / or / baptism certificate;

4.    4 photos 3X4 sizes

5.    Curriculum vitae (CV) in Armenian, Russian or English

6.    Receipt of document submission and registration fee.

According to the relevant letter of the MGU Rector, the package of documents is personally submitted by the authorized representative of the university to the RA Ministry of Education and Science. If the applicant is in the Republic of Armenia, he / she can also submit the above-mentioned documents to the Ministry.

Admission documents for foreign citizens are accepted:

  • regular from July 1 to August 20
  • Distance learning from July 1 to September 15.




§Consolation Gosh¦: Armenian:-Russian: international The Medical College of the University has been established since the establishment of the MGU (1996) and carries out educational activities till today.

Licensing Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, 1996 According to the decision No. 72 of November 13, 2012, the university was granted the license No. 107 for educational activities at the university-college level.



Applicants with basic general education (graduated from 9th grade) or secondary general education (graduated from 12th grade) can be admitted to MGU College without age restrictions. Admission to the medical college is organized on the basis of secondary general, basic general education.

Admission is by interview from biology.

«Biology:» from the subject: knowledge required: level: defined: is: 9-th: or: 12-th: grades: school by program::

MGU: College: graduates gets: are: State: diploma:

150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) AMD is set for one year of study for students admitted to the college's paid system of the 2019-2020 academic year.




MGU College is an educational institution implementing secondary professional education, where the specialties of "Nursing", "Stomatology" and "Pharmacy" are taught.

"Nursing" specialization is organized for a student on a secondary regulated basis for 3 years.

"Stomatology" and "Pharmacy" specialties is organized for students on the basis of general secondary education for 2 years.

The weekly student workload is 36 academic hours. The courses are held in the university theoretical-clinical chairs. In the educational process, along with theoretical knowledge, practical skills are also strongly used. In the clinical chairs of the MGU Clinical Simulation Center, under the supervision of the lecturers, the students are able to not only study the professional subjects theoretically, but also to become skilled in practical work, by performing practical tasks envisaged by the curriculum. Students are provided with all the necessary materials and equipment, bringing the educational process as close as possible to the real working conditions.

College students have the opportunity to participate in research at the MGU.

The training is organized by modular programs. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills required of the student are clearly defined for each subject.

The modular curricula are developed by the lecturers of the theoretical-clinical chairs of MGU in accordance with the standards approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.

Students admitted on the basis of basic general education during the first year study general education subjects taught by the best high school teachers.

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are strictly tested during the study.:


The studied general education subjects are (basic general education on the basis of 1st year).

Algebra, geometry, Armenian language, Armenian literature, chemistry, physics, geography, biology, Armenian history, foreign language, Russian language, social sciences, physical education, basics of computer operation.