Distance learning


One of the goals of the “Mkhitar Gosh” Armenian-Russian International University is to increase the efficiency of education through the introduction of the latest educational technologies in the distance learning system, to help people working, having health problems, living in the regions or for other reasons people with limited abilities to receive higher education to receive systematic knowledge. To increase the effectiveness of distance education, teachers use blended methods.

To ensure the distance learning process in addition to traditional information resources, modern distance learning tools are used such as e-textbooks and manuals, computer programs, etc. All teaching materials are uploaded by lecturers in the MOODLE virtual classroom. By entering the MGU virtual system, the student receives materials and all the information about his / her education.

Tuition in the distance learning system is 5 years, and 240 credits are distributed among 10 semesters. The educational process is organized in 2 semesters, each lasting 4 weeks. The subjects in the distance learning curricula correspond to the subjects of the existing bachelor's curriculum with the same modules and credits, except for the subject of physical education. The student studying in the distance learning system agrees to the curriculum individual / lecturer counseling / and independent work.

With distance learning, MGU organizes admission to the bachelor's degree program in the following specialties:

v Management / by areas /

v Law

v Romance and Germanic

v Pedagogy and methodology

v /Medical / general medicine, stomatology /